Septic Tank Air Pumps

Hiblow pumps are used globally for a wide range of applications. One of the most common is aerating domestic sewage tanks.

Hiblow have produced over 12 million units and are market leaders of this technology. They are known for high quality and reliability. Their pumps have a long life expectancy which is why they are used in so many critical applications.

If you are unsure which pump you require, please use the specification chart below which gives you a detailed overview of each pump. The discharging airflow shown below is the key figure for domestic sewage tank users.

Model number HP-20 HP-30 HP-40 HP-60 HP-80 HP-100 HP-120 HP-150 HP-200
Rated supply V AC220-240V
Power frequency Hz 50Hz
Normal discharging pressure kPa 9.8kPa  12.8kPa  14.7kPa   17.7kPa 20.0kPA
Discharging air flow L / min  18 l /min  30 l /min  40 l /min  60 l / min  80 l / min  100 l /min  120 l /min  150 l /min  200 l /min
Power-consumption W  17 W  22 W  38 W  51 W  71 W  95 W  115 W  125 W  210 W
Noise numeric number dBA  31 dBa  31 dBA  32 dBA  35 dBA  36 dBA  38 dBA  40 dBA  45 dBA  46 dBA
Mass kg 3.2 kg 5.7 kg  7.0 kg  8.5 kg  9.0 kg