Pond & Lake Aeration

Aeration Information

Hiblow pumps are used globally for a wide range of applications. One of the most common is aerating ponds.

Hiblow have produced over 12 million units and are market leaders of this technology. They are known for high quality and reliability. Their pumps have a long life expectancy which is why they are used in so many critical applications.

To determine what size pump you require, please use the data table below. The amount of litres per minute shown below is the reference number for each pump.

Product Specification

Larger Aeration

Aeration of large volume systems is typically carried out using a series of diffusers where the tubes are fixed to an extrusion. These can be fixed or removable.

The Norres diffusers are very durable and are suited for use in highly acidic applications including:

  • Landfill lagoons
  • Paper mills
  • Chemical storage vessels
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Municipal water treatment plants
  • Aquaculture – large lakes

It provides fine bubble aeration, delivering an increased Oxygen transfer rate (OP) and 25% typical reduction in energy costs.

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